Yuri Medev Stories

The inspiration for the character of Yuri Medev came several years before the story was conceived though it was only with the supporting characters that the stories were born. The son of an engineer on the Trans Siberian Railway; he joined VDV (airborne division) at a young age, progressing to the Spetsnaz (special forces) where he rose to the level of Commander and where his abilities as a cross country skier took him to two Winter Olympics.

On his secondment with the rank of Colonel to Military Intelligence, he could easily have vanished into the obscurity of a desk job in the Kremlin or Defense Ministry were it were not for his determination to make a difference, a pathological hatred of the Moscow traffic and of course the involvement of his supporting characters. Colonel Medev is instead set to continue as Russia’s all action hero.

But the Russian’s not the bad guy…

Medev’s commitment to fight the darkest sections of society – the people traffickers, terrorists and all who would exploit the innocent to satisfy their own greed – is unwavering and If you’re a fan of the traditional heroes of the adventure thriller genre; Bond, Bourne or Ryan you will love Medev.

Maverick FBI Agent Jim Bergman is the son of the senior partner of a successful Los Angeles law firm and his background and outlook on life are very different from those of Medev. The potential to be enemies seems great but much greater is a common desire for the truth and to be effective against the organized crime that threatens both their societies. Both men know full well that international criminals don’t play by the rules and will surely prosper from any breakdown in international relations.

The tall blond figure of Jim Bergman has become a permanent fixture of the New York Divisional Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Californian detective has made the City his new home.

Juliana “Juli” Regan is a dance student at NYCU (the fictional New York City University) and a member of the student run dance group known as Dance Society. A chance meeting with Medev early in The Colonel of Krasnoyarsk brings her into the story and they form an unlikely friendship from the outset…

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  The Colonel of Krasnoyarsk e-book cover(paperback/kindle/more formats)

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When a mysterious Russian Agent arrives in New York City to track down an evil crime boss known only as Nikovich; the discovery of a murdered FBI Agent begins a manhunt across four states that leads only to a new mystery and an alliance between the Russian and the agent’s former partner. In a time of poor relations between their countries the two men must work together to outwit Nikovich and find the real killer…

And coming in 2016

Yuri Medev returns in The Kirov Conspiracy details to follow here shortly.

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