The Time Bridge… a Short Story

Not so long ago I was asked by my seven year old son to write a story incorporating time travel, knights, a battle and a boy not so very different from himself. It was a challenge that took me as far from  writing about outdoor adventures as it did from the exploits of Yuri Medev but I enjoyed  it enough to think about doing another one soon.   The result was “The Time Bridge” which is five short chapters in a pdf file after the introduction which you can read here or download for free to read later. Let me know what you think…

Dan crouched down behind the large oak tree where he was out of sight of the path. He could hear the faint noise of traffic from the main road behind him as he strained his ears to hear where they were. He would be safe if he could get to the road. If only he’d waited at school for his mum he would have been all right. She had said that she would be just a little bit later than usual today and he’d thought he would meet up with her along the path. Even if his mum wasn’t there yet there would be grown ups; perhaps that man who walked his dog or the lady with the orange coat on her way to the corner shop. It was near but so were they; Darren Hall and his mates. They were somewhere behind and they were now shouting to him.

    “We know you’re there so you better come out… Yeah or else we’ll push you in the nettles.”

The bigger boys were between Dan and the road – between him and safety. They had seen him as he’d left the school gates and chased him down into the woods behind the school. Perhaps he should have carried on towards home but they would probably have caught him before he reached the road and there were those big nettle bushes by the path. He wondered where this path went. If he carried on down the hill he was bound to come out somewhere and he could make his way back up past the other side of the school along the main road. Darren and his bullies would probably have given up and gone by then.

His mum had always told him not to go by the main road as it was dangerous and some of the cars went far too fast but if he was careful… what if someone saw him though? Would he get into trouble? He could hear voices whispering somewhere behind him in the bushes; they were getting closer but had not seen him yet so he quietly left the shelter of the large tree and made his way as quietly as possible down the path worried that the older boys would hear his heart pounding. He was wondering where exactly they were when there was a shout behind him…

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In The Lime Light – Pete Buckley



Hoooray for Saturday! Not only because the weekends generally mean I can finally enjoy writing as much (or little) as I might choose without the demands of the 9-5er, but because it is once again time to Spotlight one of our fellow writers (which is far more important and interesting!) So as I am finishing up Dark Fey: Standing in Shadows, book two of the Dark Fey Trilogy (Yes, shameless plug, but since it’s my blog….) Please enjoy my latest Lime Light with Pete Buckley of the WordPress blog: Tales from the HIlls found at

Pete and I met via the electronic pages of WordPress, because much of his blog showcases my favourite place in the world: England, but we also keep in touch through the chirps and tweets of Twitter. He is a UK based indie author of two travel stories recounting adventures in New Zealand and the…

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Lake District Walks – in the Western Fells

Only the seasoned Wainwright bagger and local residents of West Cumbria will ever have heard of the hill called Grike but for everyone else it’s the westernmost of the lakeland mountain landscapes ennerdaleWainwrights or Lake District Fells, and stands next to Crag Fell whose far side rises splendidly above Ennerdale Water. In the mist and rain this area is bleak and lonely indeed but when the sun shines it reveals a side of the Lake District most tourists never see. Lonely it certainly is but that is part of its appeal.

Leaving the minor road that links Gosforth and Ennerdale Bridge I followed the track that leads into the hills from just south of Kinniside Stone Circle The ancient monument itself is well worth a visit before setting out and if you’re not walking is a worthwhile destination in itself. The track led over open fields before reaching patchy coniferous forest beyond a gate and climbing at an easy gradient to meet another track coming up from woodland below…

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Cycling Scotland – Lochearnhead and Glen Ogle…

Between Strathyre and Killin and to the north of Callander lies a bike trail that despite lochearn from the glen ogle cycle pathbeing short, ranks among the best rides I’ve done. A walk along here a few years ago actually prompted me to take up cycling again after a ten year absence due to busy roads though it was only recently that I finally got to ride it. As well as being a section of the Rob Roy Way, this trail is part of a much longer National Cycle Network route linking Glasgow and Inverness with this ride being from Strathyre up over the viaducts to the Glen Ogle car park on the forested ridge just south of Killin. As with my West Highland Way outing I had to do this in both directions but I’m not complaining there.

The rain was just about holding off as I left Strathyre; just after the bridge a bike track led northwards beside the river…

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Lake District Walks – an Exciting Route from Wasdale Head

Here’s a route I did recently for the first time that turned out to be one of the best walks I’ve done from Wasdale…

Pillar has always been one of my favorite mountains of the Lake District but for some reason I had never walked the so called High Level Route until a week or so ago which was walks from wasdalea shame as it turned out to be one of the best walks in the area. The trail leaves Black Sail Pass; the col that links Wasdale Head with Ennerdale, and initially follows the usual route to Pillar along the first part of the ridge. After Looking Stead which is worth a visit in itself as a viewpoint, a cairn is seen a short way up the path to Pillar. Here a path leads off to the right and follows an exciting route across the rugged mountainsides overlooking the wild upper reaches of Ennerdale and leading to the summit above the great bastion of Pillar Rock…

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The Bridge of Orchy to Kingshouse – Biking the West Highland Way

As promised here’s the second installment of my recent trip to the Highlands. On this outing the hiking boots were left at home – well in the tent – and I took to two wheels for a mountain bike trip along the West Highland Way between the Bridge of Orchy and Kingshouse…mountain biking in the highlands

The West Highland Way is an iconic trail leading almost 100 miles from Milngavie near Glasgow to Fort William at the foot of Ben Nevis through some of the finest scenery in Scotland. The route is a long distance hiking trail not a cycle path and I have read reports of people having to carry bikes for long distances over part of the route along the eastern shore of Loch Lomond. This section though was all rideable by mountain bike if pretty rough in places.

The section I chose to ride here is possibly the wildest and remotest part of the whole route, crossing the wilderness of Rannoch Moor between Bridge of Orchy and Kingshouse in Glen Etive. It’s worth noting that there is no shelter and in bad weather it’s probably a good idea to think twice before setting out on foot or on a bike…

>>> Here’s the full trip in photos  >>>

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Beyond Ben Nevis…

Ben Nevis at 4409ft or 1344m is the highest mountain in Scotland and the UK. As a consequence of this the normal tourist route to the summit is busy throughout the nevis range munrossummer but there is more to these mountains than the endless trail of stones leading from the car park near Fort William to the usually mist shrouded summit.

Head instead to the Nevis Range ski area a few miles north of Fort William on the road to Spean Bridge – gondola and mountain bike trails in summer – and two more Scottish “four thousanders” are easily accessible without following any crowds. I saw only a dozen or so people once I’d left the gondola station behind. These summits – both Munros – are Aonach Mor (1221m/4006ft) which rises directly above the ski area and the more remote Aonach Beag (1234m/4049ft) that overlooks the upper reaches of Glen Nevis and the normally unseen side of the Ben…

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Two more posts to come soon from this trip

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