How About a Soundtrack to the Story?

It’s said that a picture paints a thousand words but what about a song? Certainly more than the number of words in the verses and chorus of the lyrics but can you have a soundtrack to a book that hasn’t yet been made into a film or published as an audiobook? Maybe the people at Kindle, Kobo and Smashwords will find a way – if they haven’t already – for the reader to hear a tune described in the pages of an e-book but if that same reader is familiar with the song, it’s mere mention will hopefully enhance the atmosphere of the story regardless. So – here’s the as yet unheard but hopefully imagined soundtrack to Yuri Medev’s The Colonel of Krasnoyarsk…

Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty is playing on the jukebox as Yuri leaves the bar on his first night in New York City: The mood of the song reflects his own thoughts as his usual positive professionalism is replaced by weariness as our hero – not for the first time – contemplates leaving his adventurous but sometimes lonely lifestyle behind and moving back to be closer to the family he misses.

Surfin’ USA by The Beach Boys is playing on the stereo in Jim Bergman’s car as he and Agent Urquhart speed north through Vermont: FBI Agent Jim Bergman hails from Los Angeles and while he’s pretty much made NYC a second home, the remote backwoods bring back certain insecurities that are held at bay by a song that is universally associated with his West Coast home.

Sunday Morning by the Velvet Underground is playing on the radio in Yuri’s stolen pickup truck as he prepares to set out north and evade his pursuers: After a narrow escape the relaxed atmosphere of the tune and the DJ’s comments relieve the tension he’s been feeling since crash landing the sea plane into the lake south of Middleton VT.

Someone Like You by Adele is the song Juliana Regan is dancing her solo to in Dance Society’s rehearsal at the studio just off Broadway: Yuri has come back to find her because he feels she’s one of the few people he can trust and the emotive lyrics of the song perhaps sum up what he is beginning to feel for her at that moment.

The Eagle by Abba is played by Juliana Regan at Yuri’s request when he stays at her Manhattan apartment on his return to the City. Her statement that the Abba CD is “her mom’s” accentuates the age gap between the two of them but despite his somewhat dated taste in music, the theme of the eagle returns during a subsequent rescue attempt high above those same City blocks later in the story…

About Pete Buckley

Hi I'm Pete and I'm a UK based outdoor enthusiast, part time writer and photographer. My work includes action adventure novel The Colonel of Krasnoyarsk as well as a couple of travel stories recounting firstly a campervan adventure around New Zealand and then a week on foot in the Swiss Alps, hiking from the Eiger to the Matterhorn. The subject of these pages is predominantly hiking in the English Lake District (which is near where I live), North Wales and the Scottish Highlands as well as cycling; from rides with the kids to trail riding in the Highlands of Scotland and other wonderful places... Thanks for visiting.
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2 Responses to How About a Soundtrack to the Story?

  1. There’s a website called Booktrack that does what you describe.

    I put the albums of Irish Trad I listened to, when I was writing my first novel, into the bibliography of the book, and I blogged links to as many of those numbers as I could find (

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