Why I Love Being Indie

A few years ago arriving home after a month long trip around New Zealand, it occurred to me that the story of that trip would make the kind of travel and adventure story I had always liked to read in the past. If I’d enjoyed the trip as much as I had then perhaps other people would enjoy reading about it too so after much hard work going through photographs andThe Colonel of Krasnoyarsk e-book cover some very slow typing, I had a finished story that I was fairly happy with. Okay it was not the greatest book ever but it was a fun, easy read that did remind me of those travellers’ tales I had enjoyed so much and more importantly; other people liked it too.

I never went down the route of sending manuscripts off to major publishing houses; instead opting to “self publish” which meant that my books were available for people to read right away instead of sitting in dusty unread piles like the mountains of tapes and CD’s I used to see in record company offices. I had become one of a new breed called the indie author. There are downsides of course – just have a look at part one of Christina’s post in the link below – but on the bright side the freedom is there to write about what you are inspired by without feeling the pressure of deadlines – though the self imposed deadlines are probably even tougher to meet and can result in more than a few late nights!

Probably the best thing about this though is being part a growing community of like minded people – just check out #IndieBooksBeSeen – and doing posts like this which is a new thing to me. Today I’m working with characters who continue to inspire me in the Yuri Medev series of adventure thrillers which began with  The Colonel of Krasnoyarsk  while the second story The Kirov Conspiracy  is coming soon.

Here’s the link to that post about the downside of being indie while here’s a couple of links to say Hi or get hold of my books…

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About Pete Buckley

I'm Pete Buckley the UK based indie author of "The Colonel of Krasnoyarsk" a high speed adventure thriller in which the reader is introduced to Russian Agent Colonel Yuri Medev and Jim Bergman of the FBI who must overcome political differences and work together to defeat a dangerous enemy - perhaps some of our politicians should read it to find out how. I have just finished the next Yuri Medev adventure entitled "The Kirov Conspiracy" due for release soon, while previously I wrote a couple of travel stories about various wonderful places such as New Zealand and the Swiss Alps. Aside from writing, travel has always been a big inspiration with hiking, biking and the outdoors taking up much of my time when I'm not looking after the kids. Thanks for visiting.
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3 Responses to Why I Love Being Indie

  1. LensScaper says:

    Good luck with the book, Pete. About ten years ago I started writing a novel and it still sits on the hard drive about half written. Maybe next year I should make a big effort to see if I can complete it.


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