Views of Iona and Mull

Here are some views of the small but beautiful island of Iona from this summer. Iona is situated in the Western Isles of Scotland or the Hebrides just off the west coast of  Mull and is best known as the landing place of St Columba who is accredited with bringing Christianity to Scotland after founding the monastery here in the year 563. Indeed today there is a thriving Christian community here centered on the now restored abbey and people journey to the island from afar on pilgrimages.

Coach loads of tourists also make the journey but head to the beaches of Iona and you will find some of the peace and serenity that would have abounded in Columba’s day.

North Iona beach

The open sandy beaches at the northern end of the island look out over the North Atlantic

Coastline of Iona

The coastal grassland gives way to white sand and blue ocean

The centre of the island rises to the hill of Dun I which though only just over 100m in height gives an expansive vista of the Atlantic and the coast of Mull.

Mull and Iona

Looking across the sound to Mull from the highest point of Iona.

The Abbey of Iona

Iona Abbey seen from the path to Dun I

Hebridean weather

We were caught by this rainstorm on the way back to the village.

Heading back past the Abbey to the village the road goes south for a short distance before heading west to the other side of the island where can be found the Bay at the Back of the Ocean – I love that name.

The nunnery Iona

The old nunnery near the village dates from the twelfth century

beaches of the Hebrides

South of the Village on the east side of the island we found this beach

View from Iona golf course

The view from the links golf course on the West of Iona – even more stunning than Turrnberry

Pete Buckley August 2013

About Pete Buckley

Hi I'm Pete and I'm a UK based outdoor enthusiast, part time writer and photographer. My work includes action adventure novel The Colonel of Krasnoyarsk as well as a couple of travel stories recounting firstly a campervan adventure around New Zealand and then a week on foot in the Swiss Alps, hiking from the Eiger to the Matterhorn. The subject of these pages is predominantly hiking in the English Lake District (which is near where I live), North Wales and the Scottish Highlands as well as cycling; from rides with the kids to trail riding in the Highlands of Scotland and other wonderful places... Thanks for visiting.
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4 Responses to Views of Iona and Mull

  1. What a beautiful place!


  2. MikeP says:

    Really like how you get low and keep a foreground interest in your comps…. thanks for the background info as you keep adding to my wish list of places to get to… thanks Pete… oh… not far from this place, just finishing up a shoot in Iceland 🙂


  3. Pete Buckley says:

    Thanks for the comment. It’s well worth a visit as are many of the Scottish Islands. Look forward to seeing the photos of Iceland… was there a few years ago but only a short visit.


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